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Private Confession by appointment.

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Be Not Insane

Vast numbers of people have lost their mind today, and do not know it.Insanity is the norm, rational thought and measured actions the exception. But without recourse to reality it is not possible help the schizophrenic detect that his being Napoleon is an illusion. It seems as if the curse of Deuteronomy 28:28 is come true in our own day, "The LORD will strike thee with ...

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Chaplain Field Report - Addendum

Something has been troubling me since Thursday night's tragedy, I could not put my finger on it till this morning. This scene, as all others, was indescribably tragic: the sights, sounds, howls and whimpers of disconsolate grief. But what made itsurreal compared to all the others in which I've served was, in a word, masks. Everyone (except yours truly) wore one. It took ...

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Chaplain Field Report - Cleveland Ohio - September 4, 2020

Late last evening I received a call from the head chaplain for the city of Cleveland safety forces, Rabbi Sruly Wolf, a good friend. He was all business when I answered and I knew something bad had happened. At the same time I received a text from Cleveland Fire indicating that Engine 23 had responded to the scene where a CPD officer, and CI had been killed while conductin...

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And You Forgave The Iniquity Of My Sin

Psalm 32, appointed for next Sunday, is near and dear to the hearts of Lutherans. The opening versicles of Lutheran liturgy come from verse 5: I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the LORD," and you forgave the iniquity of my sins. The church's message is a spiritual one, the forgiveness of sins before God, for the sake of Christ who suffered and died to atone f...

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Liturgical Note - Introit

The Introit (entrance) is an ancient remnant of liturgy. As the congregation awaited the arrival of the clergy it would chant Psalms, usually many of them. In our day the Introit is reduced to just one Psalm, a portion of it, or sometimes a combination of two psalms. (On rare occasion a New Testament verse or prophet). The Psalm is chanted "antiphonally". That means back ...

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On The Right Interpretation Of Scripture (For Pastors Only)

This quote from Bushur's book leads us back to the reservation of right Scriptural interpretation: "The body of Jesus as narrated in the Gospels anchors the church's reading of prophetic texts and apostolic epistles. However, the stability provided by the flesh of Christ for the church's reading of scripture does not necessarily produce a monolithic or predictable exegesi...

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Fundamentalism, be it religious or political, is hazardous to your health. Pasadena California assistant prosecutor Michael Dowd is such a fundamentalist, and enemy of the church of Jesus Christ. A fundamentalist is a person who can only operate within the most narrow of boundries for fear of losing everything that is important to them. The 2020 flu epidemic has expos...

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What Are The Gospels?

The four gospels should not be thought of or treated as literary documents, but as the presence of Christ among his people. They are the verbal icon of Christ. They are the church's prayer, the church's liturgy, the church's story and her participation in the mysteries of Christ. They are the "power of God unto salvation to all who believe " (Romans 1:16). They are a sacr...

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Reasons Not To Live Stream Holy Worship

You should know, Gentle Reader, that I have resisted writing on this subject for fear of scorching the ecclesiastical earth. But today I received an emailfrom a company that sells and installs live streaming equipment in churches. The email is entitled: Top Three Reasons To Live Stream Worship. When this pandemic invaded the earth in March of 2020 no one was prepared, lea...

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Psalm 138 - A Prayer For Today

The 138th Psalm, assigned for the 12th Sunday after Pentecost in Series A, makes a perfect prayer for today. The fear of coronavirus has invaded the world, as surely as if space aliens had landed. Never before, except at the Flood and Tower of Babel, was there world-wide dismay and distress. Never before has such panic been induced by those whose vocation it is to make peo...

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