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Perplexed But Not Driven To Despair

St. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 4:8 "We are perplexed but not driven to despair ... " What a wonderful theological thought that is! Paul, in his work as Christ's ambassador,suffered every kind of opposition and abuse that his many enemies could hand out. He gives a detailed list in 2 Corinthians 11:23 - 12:10. And in chapter one he writes, "For we don't want you to be u...

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Sunday's Epistle - Last Sunday Of The Church Year

Beloved in Christ it is impossible to deal with, and do justice to, the rich array of lessons given the church each Sunday. Each Lord's (Christ's) Day we have a rich fare set before us, the equivalent of several Thanksgiving meals at once: more than we could ever eat. But that is how generous our heavenly Father is! And while no one wants to get fat these days, there is no...

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On Building The Church

Thoughtful Words to Ponder by 20th century Lutheran Pastor and Martyr Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is not we who build. [Christ] builds the church. No man builds the church but Christ alone. Whoever is minded to build the church is surely well on the way to destroying it; for he will build a temple to idols without wishing or knowing it. We must confesshe builds. We must...

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The State Of The Confessing Church In 2018 In The United States

What is the state of the confessing church in our day? A confessing church is one that holds Scripture to be authoritative divine revelation: the very Word of God. It is, further, a church that is ruled and normed by written confessions to which its pastors and members bind themselves. The LCMS, which confesses the Book of Concord, is such a church. Those who practice a c...

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Catechetical Refresher - The Christian Questions And Answers

This week's catechetical refresher comes to us from the pen of Pastor George Fyler, one of our Emeritus pastors. These are the question Lutherans normally review before going to Holy Communion. They can be found in your Synodical Catechism. They will refresh and renew you, and restore the joy of salvation to you. Thank you Pastor Fyler. Please refer to your copy of Luther...

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Catechetical Refresher - The Inspiration Of Scripture

Catechetical Refresher The Inspiration of ScriptureChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, OhioOctober 9, 2018 It is the Christian faith that the Bible is not a human production though written by men, but that it is God's very Word. God's self revelation. Therefore when we hear Scripture we are hearing the voice of God and the truth of God. Some verses that teach of Scripture's...

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Holy Fools

This sketch tells us about a little known but important episode of our holy Christian religion, the Holy Fools. St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow, across from the Kremlin, was named after St. Basil the Blessed. He was a 16th century Christian who, by his chosen life style, came to be known as a Holy Fool. Tradition tells us that he lived on the streets of Moscow naked and fr...

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Catechetical Refresher - Law And Gospel

Catechetical Refresher Law and GospelChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, OhioSeptember 25, 2018 At the foundation of the Lutheran faith lies the Law and the Gospel. These are the two faces God presents to us in Holy Scripture. That of Lawgiver and Judge, and that of Savior and Lord. The portions of Scripture that legislate what men may and may not do, and states penalties f...

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Lutheran Liturgy Is Unique

Lutheran Liturgy is unique. The faith of the Lutheran Reformation is as much about worship as doctrine. Pure doctrine necessitated pure liturgy in Luther's mind, and the one could not exist apart from the other. Anything less than these two in tandem is less than the radiant gospel that redeems sinners from their corruption and that comforts them in all their distress. T...

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Catechetical Refresher - Daily Prayers

Catechetical RefresherDaily PrayersChrist Lutheran ChurchCleveland, OhioSeptember 17, 2018 Everyone who studied catechism in the LCMS is familiar with the Synodical Catechism. It is Luther's original Small Catechism with an extended section of questions and answers, backed with verses from Scripture which serve a "proof texts". Many Lutherans memorized the questions and a...

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