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Lickspittle As The World Burns


Pray for America's safety forces, they stand between us and chaos. Pray that our leaders will have the political will to allow the police to do their jobs.

Tonight two police officers from Louisville KY have been shot attempting to keep the peace there. This is evil, and only God himself can restore quiet. Let the churches return to their sanctuaries and offer formal and fervant prayers for the restoration of divine peace. 

Woe to video church. Woe to parking lot church. Woe to precautions that distract from prayer.

A Christian might think happy thoughts all day about praying in one's heart, or on one's own, but it rarely happens; and it is feckless if it does. Jesus says, "My Father's house will be called a house of prayer for all nations." This is where the serious business of prayer takes place, and there is no substitute for the "Great Congregation". (Ps. 35:18)

Over the top reaction to coronavirus has closed off our only hope of salvation and made the entire nation stark-raving mad. Masks and distancing breed fear of neighbor, and the anonymity they provide dehumanize, and embolden people to do things they would not otherwise do.

Stop the madness, O clergy!

Go to church and pray, O people!

"Worship God." (Rev. 22:9) Not coronavirus.

Heed the words of Psalm 75:3, "When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars." 

Stop playing the lickspittle to a virus, and its prophets of doom.


No offense to your profession Doctor Rachut, but Dr. Fauci reminds me of Dr. Frankenstein. A mad scientist right off the cover of Mad Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman redidivus.
Even more is planned for us. Dr Fauci is co-author of an article in CELL, a scientific journal, which envisions a wholesale reordering of the world's governing and priorities, under the direction of technocrats.

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