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Are You LGBTQ etc.?

Are you LGBTQ? Or do you wonder if you are?

Many people say, "I was born this way," and it may be true. If so please know that it is not always safe, smart or right to follow your natural proclivities.

Heterosexual desire is as powerful and intoxicating as a drug, but that doesn't mean that it's automatically right to indulge it. The desire to lash out, or even injure, a person who has wronged you can be a strong and natural desire, but is it wise to follow through?

The Christian doctrine of sin speaks to this matter. It teaches us that all people are infected by sin, and because of it our intellects and desires are compromised as regards what is truly good, right and in accord with what we are created to be. We might be smarter than Einstein when it comes to the affairs of daily life; but because of sin we are spiritually dull, and developmentally disabled. And so what comes naturally to us, may not be what is safe, smart, healthy or right.

But the Christian doctrine of salvation speaks to this matter. The central message of the holy Christian faith is the grace and mercy of God for sinners. In Christ God redeems us from our sins, pardons us, cleanses us, and makes us truly human again. In Baptism we are enlightened to know the truth that sets us free. John 8:32

To discuss these things with a safe and friendly counselor contact Pastor Kavouras directly.