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Rethinking Acts 10:41

Acts 10:41 " ... not to all the people but to us who had been chosen by God as witnesses, who ate and drank with him after he arose from the dead." (ESV) This verse is a clear illustration of how to hear Scripture the way it wants to be heard: Christologically, liturgically, sacramentally, incarnationally. All of those. It is doubtful that 1 out of 100 Evangelicals or ...

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George McDonald Poetry

If you would compliment the incomparable C.S. Lewis he would tell you that he owes all his skill to poet George McDonald. Having read just a few of his poems I must confess that man is a genius. By genius, in this case, I mean a man who can convey a large and extensive message in less than 200 words. See what I mean with the poem: BABY WHERE did you come from, baby dear ?...

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The 4 Liturgies Of Christ

For some time now I have posited that as Liturgy is Scripture, Scripture is also Liturgy. Here is a primer on my thesis. The longer I think on these things, however, the more clear they become.Contrary to the entire historical critical enterprise and "The Jesus Seminar," the 4 gospels are not literary productions to be analyzed, criticized or voted upon. But they are, rat...

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What Is Your Name?

Part of the reason for the gross liturgical confusion that reigns in western Christianity is that we don't know the proper designation for the thing in which the church catholic engages every Lord's (Christ's) Day. The Greek Church gets it right so let's start there. Among them the Sunday morning event is called: The Divine And Holy Liturgy. When you drive by their church...

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There Is No Synoptic Problem

Many throughout church history, early fathers as well as the latest critical scholars, have assumed that either the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) must perfectly agree with one another, or the church cannot claim that they are divinely inspired and true. This has worried Christians for so long that Tatian, a 2nd century apologist, created his Diatessaron. It was...

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Chrysostom On The Blood Of Christ Received In Holy Communion

St. John Chrysostom is one of the greatest teachers the church has ever known. The following homily is one example of why he was given the title Chrysostom, which means golden-mouth. Chrysostom. Writing On The Blood Typology Let us then return from the [Communion] table like lions breathing fire, having become terrible to the devil; thinking on our Head [Christ] and on t...

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A New Song

Christ Lutheran Church is blessed to have an accomplished Lutheran organist who is a talented hymnist as well. This recently written hymn gives Christians hope "even when steeples are falling." The melody is Consolation (The King Shall Come). Though castles burn and kings are slainThough kingdoms grow and flameThough war destroy the peaceful plainWe rest in baptized frame...

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Sermon For New Years Day - 1845

This is a portion of a sermon preached by Rev. Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm Walther, Lutheran Pioneer in America, 1st President of the (current) LCMS, founder of Concordia Seminary St. Louis, MO....

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The Feast of Circumcision

On January 1st the church celebrates the Feast of the Lord's Circumcision. According to Old Testament law a son was to be circumcised on the 8th day; and so Jesus who was "made under the law" (Gal. 4:4) was presented for this Old Testament type of Baptism. While "this Cup" of his blood IS the New Covenant, it was at 8 days of age that divine blood was first spilled: fo...

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Silent Night

Our God invites all men, through Simeon the Prophet, to "Behold! This Child!" To know, love and serve him, and to participate in his Light and Life. It is remarkable to me that even in this late age of unbelief, where it is fashionable for the "heathen to rage against the LORD and his Christ," the power that this little baby has. For one day a year, across the whole wes...

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