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George McDonald Poetry

george mIf you would compliment the incomparable C.S. Lewis he would tell you that he owes all his skill to poet George McDonald. Having read just a few of his poems I must confess that man is a genius. By genius, in this case, I mean a man who can convey a large and extensive message in less than 200 words. See what I mean with the poem: BABY 

WHERE did you come from, baby dear ?
Out of the everywhere into here.

Where did you get those eyes so blue ?
Out of the sky as I came through.

What makes the light in them sparkle and spin ?
Some of the starry twinkles left in.

Where did you get that little tear ?
I found it waiting when I got here.

What makes your forehead so smooth and high ?
A soft hand stroked it as I went by.

What makes your cheek like a warm white rose ?
I saw something better than anyone knows.

Whence that three-cornered smile of bliss ?
Three angels gave me at once a kiss.

Where did you get this pearly ear ?
God spoke, and it came out to hear.

Where did you get those arms and hands ?
Love made itself into bonds and bands.

Feet, whence did you come, you darling things ?
From the same box as the cherubs' wings.

How did they all just come to be you ?
God thought about me, and so I grew.

But how did you come to us, my dear ?
God thought about you, and so I am here.