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Archives for June 2018

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A Theological Liturgical And Sacramental Interpretation Of Second Corinthians Chapter Six

This is the Epistle for this coming Sunday Pentecost 5 (series B)....

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Banning The Great Commission

With respect, I would suggest that Lutherans cease using the phrase "Great Commission". Cease its employment because in our day it has come to obscure the work the Lord has actually commissioned his church to do. The "The Great Commission" no longer consists of baptism and instruction leading sinners to the altar of God (Psalm 43:4). But of basketball, social work, or any...

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The Trouble With Equality - By Rev. Lloyd Gross

This essay by Rev. Lloyd Gross, The Trouble With Equality, is essential knowledge for every Christian. I hope you will read it, and pass it on. Everyone, believer and unbeliever alike, needs to hear it if this world is ever to return to some modicum of sanity. Rev. Dean Kavouras...

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The Topic Of The Hour (Part 2)

Recently I wrote an article called "The Topic Of The Hour" in which I question our unsuccessful attempts to missionize our neighborhoods. In another post entitled "Breaking The Bad News" I question our methods. With those I would have left the subject alone, but this coming Sunday's gospel (Mark 4:2634) makes a few more words unavoidable. It both raises the question, and g...

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A Farewell To Mission Statements

Does a church need a mission statement? Only if it is the right one. And there is only one - though it can be said in different ways. The simplest is the admonition of the Revelation angel, "Worship God." (Rev. 22:9) The command comprehends everything that the Christian church is and does. Because whenever men who are born as slaves to sin begin worship the Father in Sp...

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Interpretation Of 2 Corinthians 4:5-12

This reading is the epistle lesson for the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost (series B). The translation from the Greek is my own. An Interpretation Of 2 Corinthians 4:5-12 CONTEXT The Corinthian congregation Paul addresses in this letter has drifted away from the reservation. It now rejects Paul and his fellows who are the Lord's true apostles, and lends its itching ears to a...

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Breaking The Bad News

Dear Friends and Fellow Pastors in the Ohio District, Someone needs to break to bad news that social work, is not mission work. For the last 50 years we have expended copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears hoping that basketball nights, and food banks, would lead people to baptism. But they haven't. Indeed the opposite happened.Nor have we done any better with more di...

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A Proposal For Formal Mission Work

Can the church do formal mission work today? Yes. Three elements are needed which only God can provide: opportunity, qualified missionaries; needed resources. Opportunity abounds and people are easily reachable by a missionary in all urban areas. I estimate that there are over 500 residences within one mile of my parish, Christ Lutheran Church, which is on the far west ...

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