Sundays:  Pastor's Class 9:00 AM (Genesis 1-3 like you never heard it before.)
               Divine Liturgy 10:30 AM

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Archives for April 2021

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George McDonald Poetry

If you would compliment the incomparable C.S. Lewis he would tell you that he owes all his skill to poet George McDonald. Having read just a few of his poems I must confess that man is a genius. By genius, in this case, I mean a man who can convey a large and extensive message in less than 200 words. See what I mean with the poem: BABY WHERE did you come from, baby dear ?...

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The 4 Liturgies Of Christ

For some time now I have posited that as Liturgy is Scripture, Scripture is also Liturgy. Here is a primer on my thesis. The longer I think on these things, however, the more clear they become.Contrary to the entire historical critical enterprise and "The Jesus Seminar," the 4 gospels are not literary productions to be analyzed, criticized or voted upon. But they are, rat...

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