Sundays:  Pastor's Class 9:00 AM (Ephesians)
               Divine Liturgy 10:30 AM

Wednesdays: Pastor's Class 10:00 AM (Psalm 119 deep dive)
                    Divine Liturgy 7:00 PM

Ash Wednesday:

Imposition of Ashes 11:00 AM
Divine Service with Imposition of Ashes 7:00 PM



Archives for September 2020

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Lickspittle As The World Burns

Pray for America's safety forces, they stand between us and chaos. Pray that our leaders will have the political will to allow the police to do their jobs. Tonight two police officers from Louisville KY have been shot attempting to keep the peace there. This is evil, and only God himself can restore quiet. Let the churches return to their sanctuaries and offer formal and ...

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Intriguing Possibilities

Yesterday's gospel was the parable of the workers in the vineyard, Matthew 20:1-16 The parable is self-evident. By it the primitive church, comprised of Jews and Gentiles, learns that though the Jews were the First to be called into God's vineyard, the church, they should not despise the Gentiles who "stood in the marketplace idle" for centuries. But that both were now on...

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A Gift From Above

Today the news is reporting thatGovernor DeWine of Ohio has signed a billthat bars any state of local government in Ohio from closing houses of worship because of a health emergency. If you don't know it already religious liberty is a great gift, one that many people have prayed for, sacrificed, suffered and died for. We must not take that lightly, for to do so would be...

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Be Not Insane

Vast numbers of people have lost their mind today, and do not know it.Insanity is the norm, rational thought and measured actions the exception. But without recourse to reality it is not possible help the schizophrenic detect that his being Napoleon is an illusion. It seems as if the curse of Deuteronomy 28:28 is come true in our own day, "The LORD will strike thee with ...

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Chaplain Field Report - Addendum

Something has been troubling me since Thursday night's tragedy, I could not put my finger on it till this morning. This scene, as all others, was indescribably tragic: the sights, sounds, howls and whimpers of disconsolate grief. But what made itsurreal compared to all the others in which I've served was, in a word, masks. Everyone (except yours truly) wore one. It took ...

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Chaplain Field Report - Cleveland Ohio - September 4, 2020

Late last evening I received a call from the head chaplain for the city of Cleveland safety forces, Rabbi Sruly Wolf, a good friend. He was all business when I answered and I knew something bad had happened. At the same time I received a text from Cleveland Fire indicating that Engine 23 had responded to the scene where a CPD officer, and CI had been killed while conductin...

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And You Forgave The Iniquity Of My Sin

Psalm 32, appointed for next Sunday, is near and dear to the hearts of Lutherans. The opening versicles of Lutheran liturgy come from verse 5: I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the LORD," and you forgave the iniquity of my sins. The church's message is a spiritual one, the forgiveness of sins before God, for the sake of Christ who suffered and died to atone f...

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