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Chaplain Field Report - Addendum


Something has been troubling me since Thursday night's tragedy, I could not put my finger on it till this morning.

This scene, as all others, was indescribably tragic: the sights, sounds, howls and whimpers of disconsolate grief. But what made it surreal compared to all the others in which I've served was, in a word, masks. Everyone (except yours truly) wore one.

It took till now for me to realize how difficult and in-effective if not impossible it is to render human aid and comfort from a distance, behind a mask. Here face, touch and deep embraces are the first line of defense. Human bonding. The milk of human kindness.

The blunt force trauma policies put in place by ideologues who have lost their way are not inconveniences: they are death to society. God's society. They have ripped apart the soft tissue of our humanity and left us all bleeding; while placing every man, woman and child into solitary confinement. "How long, O Lord?"

This is not an inconvenience, it is a crime against humanity. It is sin!

If the virus kills us all then so be it. Better that than genocide.

I, for one, would sooner deal with the tender mercies of the virus, than the tender mercies of government salvation.

There is real wrong in this world. Good guys being murdered by bad guys, wives and children bereft ...

If starting today we put 1/10th the time, effort, restrictions, money and sacrifice into these, that we have into the flu, we will have a healthier and happier world.



Sorry you feel that way about masks as an older person with many health problems I do not want to add to it - so I wear a mask and anybody that comes into my house wears a mask. So I guess I will have to leave the items that I have for you and Barb to pick will have to be put in the garage and you can take them from there.
Amen to that! Time and precious moments are slipping away behind the isolation forced upon us.
Thank you for that reminder, doctor. Perfectly stated. Perfectly trapped by our own brain-dead slogans.
These impositions are inducing madness - The cities burned down with the acquiescence of the government! The little (not little) tragedies in our own lives. The eighty-five year old widow who is afraid to leave her house or even to have her children visit. The ruling class, who are no better than we, but have some low pleasure in giving orders, have done this, but exempted themselves. I have seen photos of pastors wearing masks while giving sermons - one is perched on a full beard. I might think better of it if it actually accomplished something. But how ridiculous they look. And there is no end to it! No goal except "vanquish the Virus"! Once it was "flatten the curve" and other such jargon. Now, nothing less than make it go away! But coronaviruses have been with us for decades. They are not going away, not totally. The New Normal?

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