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St. John Chrysostom On The Husband's Love For His Wife

Here are words of goodness, truth and beauty for every husband and wife to ponder. ...

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Liturgical Note - Celebrant's Host

Christ Lutheran Church will institute a new practice beginning this coming Sunday: the use of a celebrant's host. The celebrant's host is a larger communion wafer that is more easily visible to God's people when elevated. After the elevation it is broken and put onto the paten with the other hosts. The shape will be different, and so will the feel in your mouth should you...

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Forgiveness Has Risen From The Grave

As Christmas joy continues for 12 days, Easter joy continues for 49 days. Christ is risen, he is risen indeed, Alleluia....

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For Preachers Only

Pastor, if you are preaching on the Epistles of Series C for the Sundays after Easter they are all from Revelation. Here are a few notes you might find helpful....

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Seminar On St. John's Gospel - Rev. Dr. William Weinrich

MONDAY JUNE 10, 2019 AND TUESDAY JUNE 11, 2019 ...

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What Is "The Faith"?

When St. Paul writes: "Examine yourselves to see whether or not you are IN THE FAITH" in 2 Cor.3:5 Or When St. Jude writes of "THE FAITH once delivered unto the saints" what is the content of that Faith? Are these apostles speaking notionally? Is it simply a kergyma of uncertain content that they have in mind? Or are they possibly referencing an unknown first century cree...

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What Farmers, Shop Keepers and Peasants Can Teach Us

Here are two noteworthy articles that will help to reframe us regarding the importance of constucting beautiful churches.

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On The Passover By Melito Bishop Of Sardis 170 AD

If you want to know how the church fathers understood Scripture, and preached, you will find no better example than this Easter sermon by Melito who was Bishop of the Church in Sardis (in Western Turkey), and was martyred for the faith around 180 AD. ...

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Incense In The Church

A thumbnail sketch of why incense has always been part of the worship of the true God; and why Lutheran piety should re-admit it to its worship....

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Is Your Church Too Mission-Minded?

Yesterday I wrote a post entitled:Is Your Church Too Friendly? As a greater number of visitors enter the church doors tomorrow ask yourself: Is your church too-mission minded? By this question I wish to re-affirm that Holy Worship is not a mission event. The church does not assemble to convert the world but, at the risk of stating the obvious, to worship. To worship the...

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