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Abraham Martin And John


And just like that an old white guy "gets" MLK.

The gravest injustice in modern times has been done to the population of the planet, people of all races, creeds and colors by demogogues in government, media, science and religion who have caved to warrantless fear, founded on baseless information.

Are we that credulous? 

To this day (long after the "curve has been flattened") Christians, Jews and Muslims alike conduct "parking lot" services for fear of monsters under the bed. (I recently stopped in at a Bhuddist temple as an observer and student of religion; and was gratified to see that they, at least, had enough sense to congregate inside.)

Where are the Dr. King's today?

Where are those leaders crying for social justice, for liberty for all world citizens, that allows them to practice their humanity, to work, to dream, and to live in peace with dignity?

This is no longer a political issue, but a moral one against which all people of faith must take a stand.

If asymptomatic transmission is "a big open question" for the WHO why did our tyrants burn down the world? And why did everyone go along with them like sheep led to the slaughter?

Do we love servitude that much?

The chief symptom of this virus is insanity. People have lost touch with reality. But without recourse to reality how does one convince the schizophrenic that he is not Napolean?

The WHO cannot simply "backtrack" what they said in this video. Listen to it, it was no slip of the tongue. It was truth that escaped its handlers. Even if their apologists attempt to backtrack in this video.

Some Christians say that distancing (which is not social), and wearing of masks is an act of love for neighbor as Jesus taught. But this Christian says that these same devlish solutions have sparked a pandemic of mental illness across our country. That is most definitey not love! Why else are otherwise rational people foaming at the mouth, bereft of reason, burning down everything in sight?

It is because of masks, social distancing, the anonymity they provide, and the insanity they inflict. And because closed churches have stopped praying. It is absurd to pray in a parking lot, or while surgically covered and removed from other believers. It cannot be done. And so the world goes without prayer to our good God who promises: "Ask and it will be given." (Mt. 7:7).

If you are sick or fear getting sick, then stay home. Otherwise show your face. We miss you more than you know.

Where are "Abraham, Martin and John" when we need them?


Yes indeed! When is this all supposed to end? Dr Fauci has issued a utopian plan to reshape the world - permanently- with co-author David Morens in the biologic journal CELL.
Amen, A Christian response: "Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will FEAR no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff they comfort me." Jesus said, "FEAR not little flock, it is My Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."

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