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Hard To Believe


CONFThere are two parts of the Christian faith that are hard to believe. First that we have sinned against God, secondly that pardon and remission of sins comes through the blood of Christ, as received in the Word and Sacraments.

But however much humanity may deny the reality of divine law, its violation and its consequences (death); or recast it in terms of psychology, sociology, economics, politics etc., it will not go away. The reason people deny it is that they don't know how to get rid of it. But Christians do. By baptism, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. As the Lord says, "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved." (Mark 16:15) This is God's gift given for all people.


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An Orthodox Jew once affirmed to me that a Jew is supposed to spit upon seeing a Cross. I responded by telling him that is the entirely appropriate response for the natural man (the Old Adam), who is affronted by this sign that he needs such a tremendous sacrifice to remove his tremendous sin. However, I also responded that Mike was missing the good part of what the Cross says, that the relationship between God and man has been re-established by the sacrifice.

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