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You Are Essential


What you are about to read is not an exercise in positive thinking. Nor will it begin with religion though I am a pastor. But it will end that way because I am both a citizen and a pastor. 

To nominalize any person or their labor as "unessential" is the most stygian of sins! It is unbridled arrogance. The kind of pride that always precedes a great fall. Such a pronouncement robs persons of their human dignity, and if left uncorrected may be the first step on a slippery slope to naming them "expendable." Like Gypsies, Catholics, Lutherans and Jews were to one of Chancellor Angela Merkel's predecessors.

Economically speaking everyone is essential: the landscaper as well as the medico. The woman who earns an extra $40/week selling Mary Kay perfume as well as the investment banker. The beggar at the end of the freeway ramp as well as the CEO of Amazon. They are all essential, and so are their contributions to the economy and to society. Yes, even the beggar! For he provides people the opportunity to extend charity. And yes, even the super-annuated, shriveled up old man who can hardly be located inside of his hospital gown. He, too, is an essential contributor who provides opportunity for humble service; to say nothing of a much needed lesson in human mortality.

"All flesh is as grass and like the flower of the field. The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of the Lord endures unto the ages of ages." (1 Peter 1:24)

Their contribution is essential not only to the economy but to themselves. They are making their own way. Doing what they are given to do. Being what they are given to be. Asserting their humanity, their life, their dignity for there is dignity in all labor and in all of human existence.

They are essential.

You are essential.

Above all you are essential to Him who is the "Maker and Monarch and Savior of all." Your God finds joy in creating and sustaining new life - especially those abhorred by the self-righteous. (1 Cor. 1:28) The child born of rape to a drug addicted mother. That child is of eternal worth. That "little one" is "more valuable than many sparrows," (Luke 12:7) in the estimation of Jesus.

No, he or she need not grow up to cure cancer; or broker world peace. They need only "live and move and have their being" in Him. (Acts 17:28) For the purview of the Redemption which Christ joyfully undertook by death on the cross had every single person in mind: however essential or unessential culture might declare them to be. 

It is fashionable today to deprecate Christian doctrine but now you can thank God for it!  For no matter how deplorable, unessential, or expandable any person may be in culture's estimation you are of infinite worth to God, to Christ, and to his people. (Psalm 27:10)

"Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. I have called you my friends." (John 15:13)


Having come back home from a time of prayer at Faith this afternoon, I wanted to mention that we prayed not only for the so called unessential folks but also for those who have been so helpful to others in so many ways during this "shut-in" time. I thank you for bringing this to light in your article for everyone to consider. Thanks also for keeping your church open for services. I trust this article helps others to see how essential it is for people to meet together in person for worship. I feel I have lost contact with so many at Faith simply because we have not met together. May God continue to bless your work at Christ as you care for others. Janet
I was labeled as a essential...worker at giant eagle.... very contrary to me for I feel like I am expendable.. but prase God...we all are essential him....

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