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The Beauty Of Holiness

Holiness, the worship of the one, true God has always been beautiful, and pleasing to the senses. It was never minimalist, but always maximalist. People throughout the ages took pains, and devoted themselves to what they considered most important. It was true of worship and religious art and architecture in the Old Testament church, and is all the more so the New Testament church. To that end I recommend this article, and the videos and links at the conclusion.

They will deepen your faith and understanding, and encourage you to do your part in carrying on the "beauty of holiness" (Psalml 96:9) for future generations.

I was particularly pleased with the article: Architecture and Liturgy. Normally such articles are scornful of Christian tradition, this one is not. I also found The Catacomb of Priscilla, Rome to be inspriring. Especially beautiful is the Chapel of Wenceslas. It fires the imagination, and guides us in our thinking as we endeavor to decorate our own church - something I'd like to start talking about in this new year. In the mean time enjoy, and soak up the wonder of what the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ has inspired in people throughout the centuries.


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