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Scriptura Is Not Sola

At this time, based on my studies and thinking, I am ready to say that Scripture has no independent life apart from liturgy. That is, apart from the liturgizing of God. (The fact that liturgy is comprised of Scripture, though true, is not my point here.)

But I say this in contradistinction to the notion that I learned and have worked with for over 40 years, namely that Scripture is our religion -- and that liturgy, lectionary, rite, ritual, ceremony and celebration are (man-made) accessories that are super-imposed on people whose religion consists of the Bible.

I feel quite confident at this point to say that not a single word of Scripture is given as, or should be taken as, a news report from a "reporter" on the scene (though there were eyewitnesses). Instead Scripture is given as, and to be taken as, and used as, doxology. The true worship of the one, true God, in Christ. What we are receiving in it is not an historical report (though what it says is an historical happening), but the actual worship of God by those who have gone before us.

Thus Geneses chapters 1:1-2:4 is "The Liturgy of Creation", Matthew 5:-1-12 "The Liturgy of Beatitude" and next Sunday's OT lesson we could easily be named "The Liturgy of Elijah At The Cave". As the church has a liturgical year, a ritual year, so did God’s people from the beginning.

What leads me to think this about said OT lesson (1 Kings 19:9-21) besides the above?

1. It is easily (naturally) broken down into versicles and responses.
2. The (precise) repetition of Elijah's complaint.

These are marks of liturgy, not literature.

But even if I am imposing on the pericope it is at least written to be part of Israel's lectionary that was regularly read as part of her worship at the temple and beyond.

And so the Bible has no independent life apart from liturgy; apart from the church's worship. Or said another way: Scriptura is not Sola.

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