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Lay Readers

How do sheep stray?

One blade at a time.

This is what happens in church practice and theology until shepherd becomes sheep, and sheep shepherd.

After some 50 years of lay readers not only do people not look with misgiving at the practice, but they look askance at those who do. Talk about reversal.

Nonetheless let us endeavor to keep the torch of rite/right practice burning. (1 Cor. 14:40)

Let us remember that the reading of Sacred Scripture in holy worship is not pro forma but is factual worship and the administration of grace. Blessed are the readers; and blessed are the hearers. (Revelation 1:3) The reading of Scripture is pure pastoral ministry as is consecrating the elements, and feeding the Bride.

May we bear in mind that Scripture's chief understanding of Christ and the church is as royal bridegroom and baptismally-washed bride. Husband and wife. This is the point of Ephesians 5:21-33. And as long as no juveniles are in the room we should think of this in fully nuptial terms.

The pastor stands in the place of Christ in holy worship. He is Groom; congregation Bride. (John 3:29) It is that simple, and that intimate.

To have a man other than and called and ordained servant of the Word minister to this Bride could be interpreted as type of ecclesiastical adultery; and to have a woman do so likened to a sort of ecclesiastical lesbianism.

"This is the (wedding) feast of victory for our God!" Alleluia!

May we treat it as such. 

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