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Fainting Couch

Samuel Chaise LoungeDo you have a fainting couch for sale? It should fetch a good price these days.

A huge collision took place on the 4th of July. Cultural ideologists suffered a high speed crash with reality. They had been gatting about like chickens without a head since the Buffalo Massacre. Uvalde TX lit their hair on fire. The Highland Park Massacre on July 4th has added petroleum jelly to the flames; and now there is nothing left to do but faint.

In spite of a world-wide chorus of virtue-signaling; feel-good legislation, and self-righteous indignation the culture is now beginning to change its tune from,"how can we prevent such tragedies in the future?" To "Is it even possible to prevent heinous crime?" After all every item that was passed into federal law on June 25th (and more) was already in place in Illinois but it did not work. They are beginning to learn that erecting stop signs accomplishes little when the cars have no brakes.

Ideologists have allowed the cultural narrative to stray so far from reality that they now believe their own patter. They have committed the sin of reification. But without recourse to reality how is it possible to help the schizophrenic detect this his being Napoleon is an illusion?

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