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A Re-Think Of Luke 9:36


Concerning the reading from St. Luke for Transfiguration, this account/liturgy is pregnant with dedokatuplets so that a dozen full sermons could easily be preached on it. If I have time I will list some of those later, but for now I call your attention to just one verse: 36 "And after the voice had spoken, Jesus alone was there; and they kept silent and told no one in those day, the vision that they still see." 

The last word "ewraken" is in the perfect tense and when that consideration is given it, we come away with this translation, "the vision they still see," NOT "the vision they had seen" as most English translations have it.

Now that "perfect" translation and understanding once again demonstrated the incarnational/liturgical/sacramental understanding and practice of the Holy Christian Religion.

This vision was burned into their minds, and fixed into their spirits, so that it became a part of them. Thus the church should not hear this verse or this account as simply an historical report of what happened, but as what continually happens in Divine Liturgy as the Bread and Wine are Eucharistized, and thus transfigured into the Lord's Body and Blood; and as those who receive it are, likewise, transfigured from dead ones, to living ones; from earthly to heavenly; from sinners to saints. From those tossed about by every wind of doctrine, to those who stand fixed (another PF. verb) next to Jesus at his altar, as were Elijah and Moses. So, again, the feast and liturgy of Transfiguration is not simply a recollection of historical data (amazing as that is, in itself), but it is an icon of the church's ongoing liturgy which begins for us here, in Christ the faithful High Priest, and continues in a world that has no end.


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