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“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, But inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” Mathew 7:15 NIV

Wolves are not detected because of inferior costume design. On the contrary, they know their craft and dress themselves accordingly. They’ve studied the trends and understand the importance of adapting to the sheep’s ever-changing preferences and desires. Solid branding is key, and lucky for the wolf, it’s never been easier. Wolves know what to capitalize on.

Instant gratification makes the short list. Also, pithy tweets and expertly filtered memes can eclipse actual Bible knowledge any day of the week. Social responsibility? Always a boon for business. And, of course, being your best you. Or just being you. #selfie #selflove #selfcare #selfselfself.

Wolves appeal to the masses. They’re not hawking dissension or controversy – that would be crazy. Controversy might sustain a second-rate blog, but it’s not going to fill stadiums. Unity, inspiration, and goodwill are what pays dividends and sell a sick amount of swag. #chaching.

Oh yeah, and it makes the world a better place and whatnot. “Who are we to judge anything or anyone?” the wolf says, hoping to counteract any possible discernment. “We’re just here to spread the love and be awesome.” #imustincrease #followmemore #isaywhatyouwanttohear

Unity, used cars, timeshares, spirituality – it makes no difference, they’re all just products. And like any salesman worth his salt, the wolf knows the product better than the consumers do. He relies on his creativity, messaging, branding, and personality. Sure, Jesus is discussed, but mostly in an anecdotal sort of way, not in the He-is-Messiah-the-Son-of-the-Living-God sort of way. That would make Jesus the headliner and bad for business. Wolves draw attention to themselves, their names, their products – and, most destructively, their take on goodness and love – with narratives far more on trend than the dusty words of yesteryear.

Wolves use all possible means to satisfy their hunger for recognition, honor, status, and wealth. And in a time when vainglorious behavior is celebrated, and selfish – ambition looks like high-energy do-gooding wolves have become harder to detect. But detect we must, lest we be deceived.

So how do we do that?

For starters we quit consuming. We stop opting for one-off Jesus stories and spiritual inspiration and go directly to the inspired Word of God. We read His stories and meditate on His words. We replace instant gratification with long-term soul satisfaction by allowing Christ to determine our preferences and desires. We reject any message promising ease or lack of resistance as contrary to Jesus’ example and message. We learn who He is and who we are in Him – we are chosen. Not by wolves to be exploited, but chosen by the true and living God, to be with Him now and for all of eternity.



Go directly to the inspired Word of God, I love that.
Very well done, drawing the wolf out of his den and out into the open and exposing him for what he truly is. Similar to the story of last week THE TEMPTATION OF JESUS IN WILDERNESS. The devil looks a lot like this wolf in His deceptive moves. Like "dealing with the devil's deals" we are on guard in the pasture of His Word.

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