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They say that, "War is hell," and how true it is.

The present Russian Ukrainian war is the first ever to be brought to you live from the battlefield. Yes we've all seen pixels of previous wars in the Middle East, in Viet Nam. But never before were there instant updates on social media from the battleground, from the soldiers, from the survivors of  the civilians who were suddenly, brutally and recklessly killed. All who do such things will answer to God soon enough, and every murderer will everlastingly regret his sinful acts.

Those who follow this tragedy feel helpless. They watch in disbelief wondering: how could he (Putin) do that? Is he really doing that? Do nations fear his threat of nuclear war so that the world is paralyzed by fear and inaction?

But we are not helpless! Nor can any nation stand up against the prayers of God's Church. The prayers we pray each Sunday, and in the Roman church daily, as the Blessed Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated. As the Bride lays her petitions before the Bridegroom, Christ, at this holy moment. He will refuse her nothing.

Though no direct correlation can be proven one wonders if the closing of the world's churches 2 years ago isn't the cause of all that has happened in that time: run away inflation, social disorder in the U.S., demagogues rising up in every sector of society and government officials rejoicing in their new found power to run people's lives. When the church stops praying, and bars people from her doors, all hell breaks loose.

Nor have we likely seen the end of it.

And so let us pray! Which is another way of saying: let us give Eucharist to the Lord our God. It is meet and right so to do. Let us ditch our virtual churches and meet together to implore our gracious God to do what the kings of the earth are afraid to do. 

"Blessed are the peacemakers,
     for they shall be called Sons of God."

We are those people.

Already we see the results of the church's earnest prayers. Once flighty and culturally indoctrinated people who for years have pranced about like so many little girls wearing their mommy's jewelry, and living in a make believe world of baubles and beads, must now wake up from their "wokeism" and learn again that the world doesn't work the way they dream about. And so once again we learn to: 

"Be still, and know that I am God.
   I will be exalted among the nations,
      I will be exalted in the earth!"

And it is time to refamiliarize ourselves with the 91st Psalm realizing that Christ is the LORD the Psalm exalts.

You who live in the secret place of the MOST HIGH

          spend your nights in the shelter of Shaddai, 2 saying to the LORD:

                    'My refuge,

                   my fortress,

                   my God in whom I trust!'

3 He rescues you from the snare of the fowler set to your destruction;

          4 he covers you with his pinions,

you find shelter under his wings.

          His constancy is shield and protection.

5 You need not fear:

          the terrors of night,

          the arrow that flies in the daytime,

                6 the plague that stalks in the darkness,

          the scourge that wreaks havoc at high noon.


7 Though a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand,

          you yourself will remain unscathed.

8 You have only to keep your eyes open to see how the wicked are repaid, 9

          you who say, 'Yahweh my refuge!' and make the MOST HIGHyour   fortress.

10 No disaster can overtake you,

          no plague come near your tent;

11 he has given his angels orders about you to guard you wherever you go. 12  They will carry you in their arms in case you trip over a stone.

13 You will walk upon wild beast and adder,

          you will trample young lions and snakes.

14 'Since he clings to me I rescue him, I raise him high,

          since he acknowledges my name.

15 He calls to me and I answer him:

          in distress I am at his side,

I rescue him and bring him honour.

          16 I shall satisfy him with long life, and grant him to see my salvation.'


Well said! Thank you. Amen!

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