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The Ten Billion Dollar Web Telescope

This article about the $10 billion Webb Telescope says the following: "The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, “Webb” will study the solar system, directly image exoplanets, photograph the first galaxies, and explore the mysteries of the origins of the Universe. By detecting infrared light, Webb will be able to look further back in time than any other telescope thus far." (my emphasis)
All very noble. Christians honor science as the study of God's creation. But science has become untethered from faith in God. It wants a "closed universe" that excludes the possiblity of outsiders, like God.
Here is the conversation I'd like to have with the people of this project.
Q: What do you think is bigger, greater and more amazing, the universe itself, or this telescope that explores it?

A: Well the universe, of course.
Q: Do you think the universe is worth $10 billion dollars?

A: Oh, more than $10 billion dollars. It's priceless.
Q: Do you think that this telescope, given enough time, might have developed itself without the aid of human creators?

A: Well, no. Of course not. That's ridiculous.
Q: Then why do you think that the universe, which you admit is greater than the telescope and of infinitely more value, created itself without the energies and intelligence of a Creator? One who is bigger and greater than the Created thing? God?

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