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Gradual For Easter 2

Take note of the Gradual for Easter 2. When properly understood and interpreted it fills humanity with hope. As St. Paul would say: Think on these things. The Gradual is as follows:

Christ is risen from the dead.
     God the Father has crowned him with glory and honor,
He has given him dominion over the works of his hands;
     he has put all things under his feet.

First we should remember that Graduals all come from Scripture. They are used between readings to praise and glorify those same readings, and the God who speaks to us in them. Scripture wrapped in Scripture.

When it says: Christ is risen from the dead, the unspoken, but understood implication is that Adam is raised from the death of sin; and all the sons of Adam with him. We are those sons.

When we learn that God the Father has crowned Jesus with glory and honor, it also means that he has done the same for Adam, and all the sons of Adam with him. We are those sons.

Again, when it is revealed to us that God the Father, the Immortal, Invisible, Only Wise God gives Jesus dominion over the works of his hands; and has put all things under his feet so that he is Lord of all ... it means that Adam has also once again been entrusted with dominion over all things - just as in the Garden. With this difference. Now it will be done right. Now it won't be lost to Satan or death or sin. Why? Because Adam has been renewed in Christ, and all his sons with him: we are those sons. We, too, now have dominion over all things, all creation in and with Christ. We rule the earth and all that is in it and on it. We rule the vast universe and all the worlds that God created. The sun shines at our pleasure, and the starry hosts are ours in Christ.

And like Christ we rule over it in love, and for the glory of God the Father.

And so consider your high estate as a man or woman made in the image of God and to be like God. You are not the pariah that modern science and sociology would have you believe you are. You are not the planet's greatest enemy.

How hopeless!

Quite the contrary we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world in Christ. And as such we rule over it with Christ. Now by our prayers and intercessions and worship; later in a much larger way that at this time is unknowable. For now we see as through a glass darkly, but then we shall see face to face. 

And so in the words of our Introit, "Like newborn infants long for the pure spiritual milk (the Eucharist), that by it you may grow up to salvation ... and make known his deeds among the peoples." 

All this proceeds from the Lord's resurrection!