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Pastors, Let Us Remember Who We Are

Lutheran pastors are not always mindful of who they are, or what their calling is. One way this is made evident is the way they dress. Some, it seems, take a certain pride in dressing like businessmen, golf pros, hikers, bikers or hobo's, rather than clergymen. But poor choice of outfit is more the symptom, than the problem.

May the pastor remember who he is. He is Christ's ambassador, the "friend of the bridegroom," the representative of Christ our crucified, risen and glorified Lord. That makes him unique; one who must empty himself, of himself for he is under orders.

And may he remember what he does. He is the man who consecrates the bread and cup. The man whose hands distribute the flesh and blood of Christ to the Bride. The man whose voice leads God's people in Divine Liturgy. The man who intones God's words, of whom neither he nor the world is worthy, but they are given to us none the less. His throat speaks light into the darkness, imparts life to the dead, healing to the sick and hope to the disconsolate. His faculties are ever alert to discern Satanic lies, and counter them with divine truth and reasoning. 

He wields nuclear weapons against death, devil and evil. He is unique in all the earth. The minister of God Most High. He is held to a higher standard by God, and all people. And so may God who calls us into his service over-ride our spiritual brain-fog, indolence, and ego, and make us humble servants.