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More On Abortion

Our LCMS president, Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, has made a statement condemning not only abortion, but the unspeakably wicked laws recently passed in New York and Illinois.

I believe President Harrison covered all the important bases in his article except possibly for one. Namely that there are Christian women who have had abortions. What about them?

While aborting a child is a deadly sin in more ways than one, for which women pay a dreadful price, even it can be forgiven the woman who repents and seeks absolution. She will be cleansed by the blood of Christ, fully forgiven, and restored to the peace of God which surpasses understanding.

But for those doers and promoters (Romans 1:32) of abortion who do not repent, there is no forgiveness, only certain judgment. (Romans 2:9)

I hope you will read President Harrison's article and continue to resist this ultimate injustice. The most powerful form of resistance is Christian worship, for in it the Light of Christ is injected into the world, and the forces of evil are routed all about us. And so let us worship. Let us pray. And when Jesus returns he will judge the living and the dead with perfect equity.


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