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Luther's Preface To The Small Catechism

In this brief post I call your attention to what Lutheran had to say in his preface to the Small Catechism.

I fear that in America we have returned to worse than Luther's day.

People (even many Christians and more than a few Lutherans) are wholly ignorant of the most basic Christian doctrines, prayers, commandments and so on. This is why no matter how far we advance in theology we must never forget our basic texts and teachings. They are like the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. They are things that have to become part of our fabric so that we can fall back on them, and expand on them our whole life long. So, never stop studying and catechism as you progress. And remember and thank God for the faith of our fathers who preserved these things for us. May we preserve them to the next generation. That is our job!


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