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I Will Not Be Denied - On 50 Years Of Legal Abortion

pregnancy centerMonday, January 22st, marks the 50th year since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates for legal abortion. In that time period the largest holocaust in world history has taken place before our blurry eyes, inside of institutions that we thoughtlessly drive past daily, and nary a word is raised.

The word "abortion" has two connotations. One is the political hot potato that one must endorse to be in step with the culture, then there is the bloody procedure that robs human beings of their lives. One may decry the large number of children born to those who are little more than children themselves, but they are born. They are alive. They can be baptized into Christ, live in his church, and serve him in his Kingdom unto the ages of ages.

It goes without saying that Christian women must never have an abortion; and better to be reviled by the culture than to lend aid or comfort to their sin because St. Paul not only condemns those who partake in bad actions but also those who, "give approval to those who practice them." (Rom. 1:32)

That said a word of pastoral concern is appropriate because there are, no doubt, Christian women who have succumbed, and they need to be cleansed. To know that even this sin, too, can be forgiven those who confess it and receive Holy Absolution.

Summer of 2022 Roe v. Wade was reversed but not ended. It gave authority to regulate abortion back to the individual states and the war rages as hot as ever. And the bloody business continues at feverish pace.

The church has received no special memos from her God and Father. But if a person were to assert that: the reason our world is descending back into molten chaos at an astonishing pace; regressing not progressing; is God's anger at the sin of abortion; sin punishing itself; she would get no argument from us.

Why the love of violent video games that make a play thing of mass murder? Why is the committing of virtual crimes against virtual persons nothing more than a casual past time? Why the proliferation of translating virtual crimes into real-time ones, (and now by 6 years old's)? Because life among real persons is on liquidation sale. It is marked down, discounted, made cheaper than dirt by the murderous determinations of which we will not be denied. From the womb to the hospital incinerator our nation is feasting on her young; feeding them to Moloch. Anyone who does that is evil cubed; and anyone who gives their tacit support is at very least one of Stalin's useful idiots.

But ... "Behold! A host arrayed in white, a "great cloud of witnesses" who protest in peace and prayer for decades on end. And blessed organizations such as the Cleveland Pregnancy Center who pave the way for troubled young mothers to give their babies the most priceless gift of all. Birth into God's world.

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