Sundays:  Pastor's Class 9:00 AM
               Divine Service 10:30 AM

Wednesday: Pastor's Class 10:00 AM (begins again in late January 2023)
                   Divine Service 7:00 PM 

O Antiphons: December 17th through December 23rd @ 7:00 PM

Christmas Eve: December 24th @ 7:00 PM

The Christ Mass: December 25th @ 10:30 AM

Private Confession by appointment.

Holy Holy Holy

The Sanctus, which is the liturgy of Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4:8, calls us away from earth, and all earthly cares, to "fix our minds on the things that are above, and not the things below" (Col. 3).

I don't know if anything in Divine Worship expresses this better than the Cherubic Hymn of the St. John Chrysostom Liturgy. Please enjoy this  article which explains things more eloquently than I can.


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