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Cyril of Jerusalem - The Greatness of God

Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, 354 A.D. On The Greatness of God.
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1. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2
Corinthians 1:3 Blessed also be His Only-begotten Son. For with the
thought of God let the thought of Father at once be joined, that the
ascription of glory to the Father and the Son may be made indivisible.
For the Father has not one glory, and the Son another, but one and the
same, since He is the Father's Only-begotten Son; and when the Father
is glorified, the Son also shares the glory with Him, because the
glory of the Son flows from His Father's honour: and again, when the
Son is glorified, the Father of so great a blessing is highly

2. Now though the mind is most rapid in its thoughts, yet the tongue
needs words, and a long recital of intermediary speech. For the eye
embraces at once a multitude of the 'starry quire;' but when any one
wishes to describe them one by one, which is the Morning-star, and
which, the Evening-star, and which each one of them, he has need of
many words. In like manner again the mind in the briefest moment
compasses earth and sea and all the bounds of the universe; but what
it conceives in an instant, it uses many words to describe. Yet
forcible as is the example I have mentioned, still it is after all
weak and inadequate. For of God we speak not all we ought (for that is
known to Him only), but so much as the capacity of human nature has
received, and so much as our weakness can bear. For we explain not
what God is but candidly confess that we have not exact knowledge
concerning Him. For in what concerns God to confess our ignorance is
the best knowledge. Therefore magnify the Lord with me, and let us
exalt His Name together —all of us in common, for one alone is
powerless; nay rather, even if we be all united together, we shall yet
not do it as we ought. I mean not you only who are here present, but
even if all the nurslings of the whole Church throughout the world,
both that which now is and that which shall be, should meet together,
they would not be able worthily to sing the praises of their Shepherd.