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Breathing Still Easier - When The Earth Totters


Last week the CDC helped us all breathe of sigh of relief when it revised its warning on the transmission of coronavirus from surfaces. You can see the post here.

We breathed yet another such relief sigh last week when we learned that 70% of the deaths from coronavirus in Ohio and PA were in nursing homes, greatly reducing the stats for people on the street. You can read the post and article here.

Yesterday this article was published in which the CDC greatly revised the mortality of coronavirus downwards.

I pray that this news will calm us all and give us the confidence to return to God's House. Not just those who are already worshipers of the true God, but those who are not. Jesus says to all: "Come to me you are labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Our world has had a major scrape with death; many have feared for their mortality. But remember that each of us has an "expiration date" set by our Creator and Sustainer, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of all mercies and God of all Comfort. The Living God!

God wills that all men should be saved (1 Timothy 2:4). That means God wills that all people everywhere should seek absolution for their sins through Christ, which is freely given in the church.

In short may the world repent, turn from its godless ways, and return the the Shepherd and Bishop of their souls. May we believe, be baptized and live the sacramental life here on earth, in anticipation of the exalted life in heaven.

This happened briefly after 9/11 but the novelty wore off. I pray that this will not. For as the hymn says, "We walk in danger all the way."

Moreover, short of God serving up rich measures of mercy the world may have to deal with a depression the likes of which has not been seen in our lifetimes. In that case (as at all times) his grace will be sufficient for us.

And so let the church continue to worship that it may do its "essential" task. Supplicate God for the church, the world, and in short for "all sorts and conditions of men." You are Christ's priesthood, a royal priesthood.

Asaph writes prophetically about Jesus in the 75th Psalm, "When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants, it is I who keep steady its pillars." Christ does this through his church. Since being a "hero" is the topic of the day God's people are the true heroes, without which other heroes could not have succeeded.

Of course we must not become boastful of such a high calling, for it is by grace that we are baptized into Christ's marvellous light. But let us realize what our God says that we are: priests. (1 Peter 2:9)

God forgive us our sins, and strengthen us to do his will.



I pray many will return boldly to the throne of grace. Some are returning to their churches that were closed for months. All some need is the confident trust that the Lord truly cares for them He is their protector and shield!

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