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A Refresher On Private Confession And Absolution

This article by the Rev. Doctor John Pless is a good refresher on the confessing of our sins, and receiving of absolution.

Officially private confession and absolution is a sacrament of the Lutheran church. But you would never know it by how rarely it is offered and practiced. But it's never too late to hope for a revival. To that end I hope you will read this article, and avail yourself of this most blessed sacrament. In the future I will establish regular hours that people may come to the church for confession. For now, it is available by appointment. 

(It is my plan to set up the small room next to the pastor's study to serve as a confessional. It will take some time, and so for now confession will take place in the privacy of the pastor's study.)

Reading the article you will learn that in the medieval church confession was more pain than consolation. People were hyper aware fo their sins, and had a very real fear of the consequences. Their consciences were troubled and tortured, yet not good relief was offered. Today we face a different problem. People are largely unaware of their transgressions against God's holy will, and not troubled in the least by the threat of possible distant consequences. A sad state of affairs it is. And I offer this article as a remedy.

The rite of confession that we will follow is the one printed in the Lutheran Service Book (LSB) page 292. By clicking on this link, and searching for "292" you can view it online. It is a beautiful and salutary rite.

Your questions and comments are always welcome on this, or any other subject.


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