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What Is The Moment Of Consecration?

In the West Eucharist is called Mystery. And so it is in more ways than one. But while it's laudable that God's people have spent 2,000 years trying to better understand it, they should not over think it. What I am learning in my studies is that theologians of every generation have a keen interest in the moment of consecration. Alternately: what it is that accomplishes con...

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Psalm 43

"Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God."...

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The Stripping Of The Altar On Maundy Thursday

On Maundy (Holy) Thursday the Mass is concluded with the ceremony of the Stripping Of The Altar. Why is this done? The Stripping of the altar, the removing all ornaments, linens, and paraments, is an ancient custom of the Roman rite done on Maundy Thursday. It is symbolic of the humiliation of Jesus at the hands of the soldiers. After the Last Supper, less that twenty-four...

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Daily Confession Of Sin

Here is a wonderful prayer that we would do well to pray often, believing that for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his redeeming death on the cross, that God does indeed pardon every sin. And that he, further, strengthens and guides us to walk in his ways each day....

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Septuagesima Sunday

The Gradual for Septuagesima Sunday gives us much needed peace of mind, and comfort. As the church begins her "countdown" to Easter, her highest and holiest Day, she proclaims aloud, with much faith and great hope: The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not fo...

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On The Passover by: Melito Bishop of Sardis

Melito of Sardis (Greek: Μελίτων Σάρδεων Melíton Sárdeon) (died c. 180) was the bishop of Sardis near Smyrna in western Anatolia, and a great authority in early Christianity. Melito held a foremost place in terms of Bishops in Asia due to his personal influence on Christianity and his literary works, most of which have been lost but of what has been recover...

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Logical Fallacies

As Joe Gargary says to Pip in Great Expectations, “…lies is lies." ...

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Maker of Heaven and Earth

Please see this outstanding lecture by Cyril of Jerusalem, written in the mid to late 300's on the words from our Creed, "Maker of Heaven and Earth, and of all things visible and invisible." Not only is it spirituallyl uplifting, but it serves to counter the vapid notions of evolution with which we are inundated; and which serve to destroy faith in Christ, Christian hope, ...

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St. Ambrose on the Lord's Supper

This writing is from De Sacramentis, written of St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan in the last quarter of the 4th century.He is considered one of the greatest doctors of the church. You can read more about him here. This particular chapter is concerning the Holy Eucharist as it was taught to catechumens preparing for baptism. What a wonderful way these early church Fathers had o...

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Psalm 85

The 85th Psalm, assigned for Advent 3, is filled with Christiancomfort, remission for our sins, and the promise that God will displayhis divine favor in our lives. Verses 10ff remind us that we arehemmed in on all sides by the Lord's own love, faithfulness,righteousness, peace, goodness and increase. All of this comes truefor us by the Lord's incarnation at Christmas to be...

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